Students work

Here is a selection of work created by my year 11 GCSE pupils over the past couple of years whilst I have been teaching at Ladybridge High School. All the work shown here incorporated CAD/CAM lasercutting and 3Dprinting technology. Students are taught the basics on CAD through the use of 2D design from when they start high school in year 7 and then when they reach year 9/GCSE they are taught 3D CAD. The teaching of 3D CAD centres around learning the basic features of extrude, revolve, cut, sweep and blends. They are then given a series of tasks to complete in lesson under the direction of the teacher. These tasks include modelling an iphone case and designing and modelling a ‘culture inspired desk tidy’. Once students have modelled these in 3DCAD they are then 3dprinted.

For GCSE projects students have been studying the Product Design AQA specification that requires the study of a design movement/designer from the past 100 years to inspire the design and development of a product to be used in a themed room. The project lasts for all of the final year and makes up 60% of their final grade.


image (11)  philip-cotton-07  philip-cotton-05 philip-cotton-03 philip-cotton-04

lamp 1 lamp 2 lamp 3 lamp 4 lamp 5 lamp 6 lamp 7 lamp 8 lamp 10 lamp 11 lamp 12



Below are examples of a year 10 3dprinting project that involved designing and modelling on 3DCAD a culture inspired desk tidy.

image (34)image (33)IMG_8023 IMG_8024 IMG_8025IMG_8438IMG_8439IMG_8440IMG_8441IMG_8442IMG_8447IMG_8448IMG_8449IMG_8450IMG_8451IMG_8491IMG_8492IMG_8493



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