Helping to grow 3dprinting, DesignBox3D leads the way.


Ever needed an unbiased view of a 3dprinter? Want to steer clear from the mainstream brands and try an alternative? I often look at different printers that come onto the market and I have tested many smaller branded printers. The outcomes and results from going with a relatively unknown can sometimes be more reliable then the market leaders. There has to be life beyond makerbot right? This philosophy is exactly what Preet Jesrani, CEO of Designbox3D is adopting. Preet is a champion of the startup and is supporting the many smaller brands that do not have the marketing power of the main corporate giants. Innovation happens from the ground up and without the exposure of new and emerging brands then the advancement of 3dprinting will ultimately slow. From a personal view point, the reliability and print quality some of the smaller emerging brands can exceed and surpass the ‘big boys’. I have put a flashforge creator through its paces in the classroom and the reliability and print quality is second to none. I know when I want to print it will work. The same with the Beethefirst 3dprinter.


Preet explained how he became involved in 3dprinting through his past experience in state and federal government and he believes that 3dprinting can become a potential ‘job creation engine’. He started DesignBox3D because of this he makes the point that ‘additive manufacturing will drive innovation and re-invention in manufacturing for generations to come’. With 3dprinting on a seemingly never ending growth path, Preet and DesignBox3D are contributing to this with exciting partnerships such as the recently announced Dynamo3D printer. After viewing the videos of this printer on youtube, it is mind blowing how fast this machine can prototype a part. Four minutes to 3dprint a bracelet! This is what 3dprinting needs to keep the consumer 3dprinting market progressing. Preet states, ‘Our partnership with Dynamo3D, to bring high speed, multi-material, precision 3D printing in the form of a professional desktop 3D printer is one that we are extremely excited about.  I believe that we will soon upset the “market-leader” apple cart with this. We all know after all that time is money – and this printer will “slice” the time component dramatically, saving you money in the process.’ The apple cart certainly does needs a shake now and again otherwise innovation will slow and costs will increase. Competition is what will keep consumer 3dprinting advancing. (Click the US flag logo to view the video).


Preets’ views on the direction of 3dprinting lie with education and schools and pushing the ‘design’ aspect of 3dprinting. Realistically, without the investment of our students, the future design engineer generation  will struggle to materialise and advancement long term will slow. Being an educator of 3dprinting myself, I can totally relate myself with his vision.

With exciting plans for the future “DesignBox3D is focused on working with young, innovative companies that have a product that have clear advantages over the 200+ competitors that crowd the desktop market today.  We are soon going to shatter the myth that precision 3D printing is not possible at higher speeds – a very exciting development for the entire industry.”

With growing partnerships and the extensive testing and comparisons of many different models of 3dprinters, DesignBox3D is a great place for an unbiased view of 3dprinting. With a policy of only choosing ‘hassle free’ 3dprinters for their customer base, Preet ensures that 3dprinting continues to grow in the right direction. For more information about DesignBox3D check out their site by clicking the links below;

  • DYNAMO3D –                    
  • DYNAMO3D Americas –

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