Joshua Harker – “Mazzo di Fiori”



Now this is exciting, ‘Joshua Harker raising funds to complete the Research and Development of a revolutionary new 3dprinting technology’. This leaves my taste buds salivating. For the past few years consumer 3dprinting has been pretty much the same, a spool of PLA/ABS, an extruder and a build plate. Yes there may be differences in one companies claim to offer a higher print resolution or another companies statements of  faster printing speeds, but really most of them produce the same outcome baring a few microns. I often think to myself what is next with the consumer 3dprinting market? We are still waiting for the killer revolution to shake the market up.  The technology still has its draw backs before it can really be accessible to everyone. However, Joshua Harker’s new kickstarter campaign sounds just what we need to breath new life into the crowded printer market up. ‘A 3Dprinter being developed by one of the worlds top 3dprint artists? Now that is a campaign I would back.’

I had the privilege to meet Joshua at the 3dprintshow in London 2013.IMG_4460 I had followed him from his first kickstarter campaign (Crania Anatomica Filigre) as his artwork is truly stunning and ground breaking. He gave a lecture at the show detailing how he progressed into 3dprinting at the very start of the technology, and from what he explains we have a lot to thank this guy for. Joshua’s artwork is progressive and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the art world,in the ‘earlier days’ he pushed what was physically possible with 3dprinting technology and demanded more than what the technology could offer. It sounded like the 3dprinting was playing catch up to his creativity and imagination. Luckily 3dprinting has caught up and he is making the printers work hard for him with ground breaking art work. The campaign offers 3dprinted elegantly designed flowers and are stunning in aesthetics (you won’t get these down the local florists). Joshua explains on his kickstarter page, Flowers are a universal gift of “thank you” & given that I’m asking for your help, I want to thank you in a meaningful way.  I have created a series of 3d printed filigree flowers called “Mazzo di Fiori”.  There are 12 Flowers, a Lotus/Lilypad, & the Ripple Vase.  The composition celebrates the harmony & beauty of opposite & opposing forces.  The water surface depicts the plane of separation between liquid & gas with the reaching flower transcending & binding both worlds… an environmental yin yang.  All pieces are 3D printed in SLS polyamide (essentially a nylon powder fused together with a laser).’

My final thoughts? This one is worth a pledge!  Click the image to visit his campaign.

By Philip Cotton


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