www.3dfilemarket.com my attempt to shake up 3dprinting and filesharing by Philip Cotton

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The story behind the site…. My aim is to create a 3d sharing platform where users can freely download and 3dprint amazing printable designs and ultimately help expand 3dprinting. There are many different file sharing sites out there at the moment, however the 3dfilemarket.com is unique in all designs have been verified and checked that the models are actually printable, you will not see screen shots of CAD models on the 3dfilemarket.com, printability is the key here. Also there is no restriction to how you use the site, you can download as many models as you like and you don’t even have to register for an account. I personally approve all the designs that make it to the site, if the quality is not good enough then the design will be rejected.

My background is education, I am a high school Design and Technology teacher in the UK who specialises in teaching students Product Design. I became involved in 3dprinting about 3 years ago when I first heard of 3dprinting. I was excited about this new technology, straight away in my mind I thought I have to get this in the classroom. After obtaining a 3dprinter for school there was no stopping me. Along with educating high school pupils about the technology I became obsessed about it myself. Who needs a playstation when you have a 3dprinter? This technology 3dprinting had re-ignited my passion for CAD modelling and designing new things, I became a reborn tinkerer and I started to realise how powerful 3dprinting would become.

After a few years of teaching and learning the technology I won the 2013 Global 3dprintshow Educational Excellence award for 3dprinting in education. This is the highlight of my teaching career being the first to win the award. Since winning the award I have continued to teach 3dprinting and also have   the aim of spreading the work of 3dprinting. I  been involved in many different projects involved in all aspects of 3dprinting and this continues to increase on an almost daily basis. On my blog you can see all the things I have been involved in with 3dprinting. So that’s it in a ‘nutshell’, check out the site and get 3dprinting.


Phil Cotton


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