Project Daniel. ‘A call to arms for 3Dprinters’.

There is the discussion and debate about the role that 3dprinting has in our society. Many people are asking how 3dprinting can actually be relevant in our everyday lives? The question asked by some is,  ‘what use would I have with a 3dprinter in my home?’ Will it actually be a benefit for me to personally print my own objects? What is the point in 3dprinting when I can just go the store and buy the object? Sometimes, I find myself having to defend 3dprinting and justify the reason why it will eventually transform our lives like the internet did over the past 15 years. On open night at school, when parents look around deciding if they are going to send their children to our school, many adults simply look at the machine in action printing away layer by layer and simply walk away. They do not even start to question what they have just witnessed in front of them. It’s probably just too much for some to comprehend. Some even make flippant comments such as ‘it’s a bit slow isn’t it’ and ‘what’s the point in that then?’ Well here’s the point in 3dprinting, it can drastically change your life and is doing so in Africa through the 3dprinting of limbs for children that have lost arms through war and conflict. I played this video to all my classes and I have never seen teenagers so lost for words. One student even said to me, ‘sir why are you here, you need to be out there helping those kids, we will be ok whilst you are gone’. It struck a chord with me. 3Dprinting is changing these childrens’ lives beyond our immagination. The video states 50,000 children have lost limbs since war broke out. Imagine if every school in the UK/USA and Europe printed out a set of parts to make a 3dprinted limb. Imagine the difference that could make? In design and technology education we are often questioned how the projects we teach children are actually relevant in our modern tech savvy world. Well this is a project that is the most relevant I have ever seen. Imagine if every school had an afterschool 3dprinting club where the aim is to print out the parts and assemble an arm. You could also teach children how to alter the design and possibly even find improvements. They would also learn the mechanics of assembling all the parts and problems solving. One major aspect of learning that most children need more time involved in, is the ability to solve a problem. Many students see problems as a major issue and don’t know how to deal with them, well imagine if you had the problem that these children have in the video? They have real problems, our problems are not problems compared to theirs. Ours are just inconviences! Watch the video and see if you can help. I am going to start by printing the parts from the ‘robohand’ on and progress from there.

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